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        Welcome to Ladakh Moto Tours

        Ladakh Moto Tour is an independent organization created a few years ago by Jean Eisenberg , Lalit Prakash Pillai, and a local Ladakhi guide Tsering Angchok. All of us wanted to serve the travelers who are curious to know more about the geography, the people and the culture of India. We have been operating in India since 2006. With an experienced and committed team, we have been leading bike tours in India, Nepal, Bhutan for more than 6 years. Our impeccable record and client list speak for themselves. more

        We bring you the best Motorcycle Tours in India - Ladakh - Nepal - Bhutan created by experts


        Let our expert design a tailor made tour for you
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        What Customers Say

        • Ladakh Moto Tours was an integral part of an amazing travel adventure to Ladakh. Lalit is very professional and organized. He has an incredible depth of knowledge about the country, its history and religious customs. He is a delight to work with. Would recommend Lalit and Ladakh Moto Tours to all of my friends, can't say enough about my experience. If I plan on traveling back to India I would absolutely look forward to seeing and working with Lalit again.
          M. Roulson
        • We had the pleasure of using Ladakh Moto Tour for our visit to Delhi and Agra. Our driver and assistant were a delight. They took excellent care of the four of us, meeting us as scheduled, providing excellent and safe transportation and arranging a great guide for our time in Agra. We recommend Ladakh Moto Tour?highly and will use them again for our next trip to India.
          John Buck
        • Thank you very much for organizing our motorcycle tour in Ladakh. All was very well arranged.
          Flavio Signorini
        • Annie and I were lucky to find Lalit. He helped us narrow down and find a realistic route, with the best driver in the world, accompanied us on our north india tour. ?We cannot forget the Elephant, Camel ride, many markets and shrines. Lalit explained patiently and expertly his country, his beliefs. we were very safe, happy and cared for.
          Betsy Cooper
        • We had a great time in Ladakh! We saw wonderful landscapes! People from Ladakh are very kind and smiling, We had the best guide and cook, food was great!!, the helper and the pony man were very friendly and helpful. Lalit and Angchok really took care of us for all the time. I would like to thank them for their help, professionalism and friendship.
          Monica De Micheli
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